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Endings and beginnings

Today is the final day of the Regeneration 1.0 lockdown coaching programme.

Back on 23rd March 2020, the Prime Minister announced "stay at home" and my coaching practice drove off a cliff.

No more practice visits, no more workshops, no more chunky fees from clients.

We pivoted.

In a focused week I worked with my team and business coach to re-engineer a lockdown coaching programme.

Coaching and training that would solve the problem at hand, instill confidence into clients, inform teams and have a price point that was affordable in the circumstances.

We decided to launch on 1st April and run for three months.

We sold out.

We also decided to offer a lot of free stuff to the dental community.

In the 14 weeks since then, the tally of delivery has been as follows:

  • 71 - episodes of the 13:00 Daily Briefing;

  • 15 - episodes of the Thursday evening Business Confidence Forum;

  • 70 - blog posts;

  • 10 - podcast interviews with Ashley;

  • 52 - Group Zoom calls for clients;

  • 14 - video tutorials for teams in furlough;

  • 12 - specialist webinars for team training;

  • 42 - guest webinars for other organisations;

  • 3 - monthly newsletters;

  • 3 - suggested templates for patient newsletters;

  • £400,000+ of PPE purchases on a "not for profit" basis.

I haven't the time to count all the individual client calls and weekly trackers answered.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives.

Here at Extreme Business we begin the Regeneration 2.0 "return to work" coaching programme - running for the next 6 months.

We have sold out again.

So my thoughts this morning are of professional gratitude:

  • for the guests who brought the Daily Briefings to life;

  • for the panel who make the Thursday Forums such a blast (we will continue);

  • for our Two Reds podcast guests;

  • for the clients (and their managers and teams) who have entrusted us with their return to work journey;

  • for the many strategic alliance partners with whom we work;

  • for James Hamill and Ken O'Brien at Quintess Denta, who have managed our Buying Group;

  • for my business coach Rachel Turner, who lifts me when I'm tired and inspires me to do more;

  • for my amazing support team - Phillippa Goodwin who has been my operational "right hand" and unflappable client liaison for 12 years and Rachel Barrow who illuminates everything we do with her gift of design and her savvy tech skill;

  • for Annie, who has created the environment in which my lockdown lifestyle has been a time full of happiness.

Thank you.

Now the work begins again.

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