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Employment law

I seem to be referring quite a bit of work to the folks at Bespoke HR at the moment – almost all of which is related to either:

  1. handling redundancy or

  2. dealing with team members whose behaviour warrants a disciplinary action

The fact is that we are all of us amateurs in the field of Employment Law – and, as I mentioned to a client last week, attempting to deal with difficult team members in the current legislative environment is tantamount to DIY bomb-disposal. I have found the advice given by Bespoke HR to be invaluable. There is a copy of their latest newsletter here to download and Sally Neaves asks two supplementary questions:

  1. Do you have any clients that use orthotrac really well and/or do you know anyone that could do training on it as have a practice in SW London who are struggling with it

  2. Do you know anyone that does clinical governance and can help an ortho practice in SW London ?

Please contact Sally direct on Sally Neaves Bespoke HR 0845 1162004

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