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Elliot Stevenson-Smith Testimonial

Entrepreneurs I used to think didn’t have enough hobbies.Then I thought they must be workaholics. Or both. I always assumed they had more than enough money. I always assumed I’d jump at the chance to retire once I had worked out how much enough was and had squirrelled it away. And now courtesy of living in London and enjoying house price inflation I have a problem. I have lots of hobbies but have really started to enjoy my Barrow inspired practice. I really don’t need to work as hard as I do but I get a buzz out of watching the practice grow and function as it should. I’ll never spend the money it earns and yet I turn up most days and try to work out how to make the practice more appealing, the staff more content, the systems more foolproof and yes, for no good reason, the bottom line more profitable. Work defines us. What do you call a retiree? I fear its a ‘has been’. And besides, having spent 30 years getting to the top, why not enjoy it for the time being? That’s why entrepreneurs don’t quit. It’s too much fun. So thanks Chris for getting me to the next level in my business adventure. Not at the peak yet, but above the clouds where the view is great and for no good reason I can see where I want to go . Down seems such a compromise. Working on 5 new areas of practice development at present as well as the day job, the family, the sailing and the tennis. Work/life balance good. Get yourselves Barrow-ed. Even dentistry can be fun. Elliot Stevenson-Smith

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