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Don’t ride your own rickshaw

I finished the New York marathon in 2011 so exhausted that I hired a rickshaw owner to take me back to my hotel – this gave me the opportunity to realise just how hard these people work.

Then again…..

I meet many small business owners (dentistry included) who find a variety of reasons to ride their own rickshaw.

Here are some common explanations for that:

  1. I haven’t got the money to hire riders

  2. I can’t find decent riders – they are mostly lazy

  3. My riders aren’t as fast as I am

  4. I can’t trust a rider to know the route as well as I do

  5. My passengers expect me at the front and if they don’t see me they will look elsewhere

  6. I know more about rickshaws than anyone

  7. The bank own the rickshaw and I have to keep paying them

  8. I’m fascinated by rickshaws

Chatting to a client the other day.

He told me that he was signing up for a digital marketing course because he wanted to learn all about Facebook marketing and had lost confidence in his existing marketing agency.

I asked him to call me when he has become a certified digital marketer – and I would pay him £15 an hour to freelance for me.

He told me to get lost because he makes £450 an hour as a dentist.

Is it me?

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