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Don’t miss James Goolnik’s presentation at the BDTA Showcase tomorrow!

Are you ready for the future? What will dentistry look like in 5 years from now, or even 6 months from now. From both the clinical and business perspective, today’s technology is rapidly reshaping our future practices. Be proactive rather than reactionary. Hear from two of the leaders of our profession of what dentistry may look like. This road show will be a sell out so book now. Don’t give your competitors an unfair advantage. Learning objectives: – New adhesive, composite & ceramic materials – evolution or revolution? – Chairside CAD-CAM restorations: expensive toy or serious contender? – Minimising intervention: simple orthodontics, controlled veneer preparation techniques, no-prep veneers & sophisticated composites – The future of tooth replacement – New legislation: HTM 01-05 and the Care quality Commission – what it really means for your practice – Future proof your marketing: have fun with interactive targeted campaigns. – Understand how digital communication will change your interactions Evening Roadshow featuring James Goolnik, Chris Orr and Elaine Halley

  1. London: Tuesday 26th January 2011

  2. Bristol: Tuesday 15th March 2011

  3. Belfast: Monday 20th June 2011

  4. Birmingham: Tuesday 12th July 2011

  5. Edinburgh: Tuesday 20th September 2011

  6. Liverpool: Tuesday 22nd November 2011

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