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Do you think this idea would work?

On the TV news this morning I hear that an 8-year old child has been forced at gunpoint from a vehicle whilst the child’s parent was paying for petrol. A few weeks ago a Polish student was killed in Glasgow by a known sex-offender released from prison after his “good behaviour”. Yesterday I watched on TV the family of a middle-aged man bemoaning the fact that his killer, a known psychopath, had been released on a physchiatrist’s recommendation. This morning, a Warrington man shows the video he made as a group of youths attacked his home and possessions. Last summer, two of my sons were beaten senseless in separate incidents when house parties were invaded by drunken yobs looking for a fight. UK prisons are full with 90,000 inmates, costing the taxpayer £1,000 per week each. So I have an idea. Every Saturday night the nation is glued to reality TV and elimination game shows. Ask Sir Richard Branson to organise the Virgin Games on prime time Saturday TV. Make it a pay-per-view channel. Tie it in with the National Lottery and take the franchise off Camelot. Have every yob, idiot, bully, moron, violent criminal, drug pusher, paedophile, sex offender and low life that has been caught and sentenced that week paraded for our viewing. The punishment fits the crime – petty offenders just have odd digits removed – a finger here, a toe there. But make it hurt and make it live. The more serious and violent offenders have whole limbs removed in exciting encounters with machinery or wild animals. We get to see the fear in their faces as they realise what it’s like to be terrorised. And then, to culminate the evening, the worst offenders are executed live on TV in a variety of amusing and interesting ways. We can even involve the audience or the viewer at home in choosing an appropriate method for these scum to be dispatched. “If you would like to see the sharks feed, call 0123-456789 now – calls will be charged at 25p and 15p of that will go to Children In Need.” Of course, top of the bill would be rapists, child molesters and sex offenders – who would be eliminated by the families of those they have hurt. As an aside – when a social worker or a physchiatrist releases someone who subsequently re-offends, said “do -gooder” is locked up alone with the person they released. “I’m a pyschiatrist – get me out of here!” We could eliminate the need for income tax, raise funds for good works, cure cancer, stamp out crime and provide a popular Colosseum show to make an otherwise boring TV evening something to look forward to. We could also clear out this human trash and provide a regular deterrent to all those who think that there anti-social actions are “fun”. Anyone for a vigilante group?

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