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Do you dare to use this recall email/letter?

At our marketing workshop in Belfast yesterday, we were sharing evidence that the current uncertainties around the economy might (as they historically do) impact patient attendance numbers.

Hygiene and "check ups" can be the first to suffer in a recession (even though lack of access is, I think, delaying the effect this time around).

Even so, it's prudent to anticipate a problem, rather than just wait for it to happen.

I challenged my audience to come up with some messaging that would capture the patient's attention in a world of noise.

Predictably, the first attempts were both bland and over-complicated - but as we started to play and simplify I also asked for permission to have some fun with the recall.

Here's my final version - I'm not holding my breath that my clients will have the courage to give this a try - would you?

"Dear Patient

Do you want to:

  • Keep your dental bills low in the long term?

  • Keep your self-confidence high when you smile?

  • Keep your teeth in your mouth and not in a glass by the bed?

This is to remind you that your next hygiene visit/Dental Health Review is on...........

It's important so please make the effort.

Our lovely, hard working, team look forward to seeing you again."

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