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Digital marketing is a team event

Here’s a quick test to see how effective your digital marketing really is (and whether or not you are likely to be getting a good ROI).

Answer “yes” or “no”:

  1. Is your web site OPTIMISED for the correct search terms, namely specific treatment modalities/products and specific geographical locations? One of my clients has recently improved web site visits by 300% simply by changing these search terms;

  2. Do you ADVERTISE on Google and Facebook by telling stories rather than placing product – and do you SPLIT-TEST the adverts to measure which work and which do not?

  3. Do you POST stories about your patients, your team and your community to your practice Facebook Page (every day) and to your blog (once a week)?

  4. Do you RE-PURPOSE those stories across your other social media channels, principally Twitter and Linkedin?

  5. Do you BOOST your Facebook posts to defined demographics and measure the response?

  6. Do you ask for regular REVIEWS on Google (if people have a gmail address) and Facebook (if they don’t)?

  7. Do you regularly RECORD patient testimonials via selfies, emails and video for distribution (with consent) across your digital channels?

  8. Do you CAPTURE email addresses and consent when prospective new patients visit your web site?

  9. Did you ENGAGE your whole dental team in this process?

Digital marketing is a dental team event.

You cannot delegate this to an agency – they cannot collect and collate the back-stories that will bring your digital marketing to life.

Every member of your team has to be enlisted as an investigative journalist, listening for the clues to the back-story.

To want to do that, your team must first understand the context.

That means a team training session on what digital marketing really is and what their crucial role in this can be.

When I get the opportunity to facilitate those team meetings, we see an upsurge in internal digital marketing activity in practices.

By the way – this is a primary competitive advantage that you have over corporates and retailers, who can never compete on fresh and original content.

How did you perform in the test?











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