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Dental marketing

Bristol yesterday, Reading today – and I continue to despair at the lack of skill demonstrated by dentists at something as simple as introducing themselves to a fictitious room of business owners. The usual “ums” and “ers” and “I run a practice in town that delivers dentistry in a relaxed and comfortable environment” (if I hear that phrase again I’ll scream). Define marketing in two ways:

  1. the barriers to entry by which you eliminate the people that you do NOT want to deal with and

  2. the offer by which you make yourself irresistibly attractive to the people that you DO want to deal with.

That’s irresistibly attractive. There is nothing irresistibly attractive about the fact that the dentist qualified in 19__ from ______ University. There is nothing irresistibly attractive about the relaxed and comfortable environment. So what is? Think about it. And whoever you are reading this post – whatever your business – what is it about what you do that would be irresistibly attractive to the right people?

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