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Dental business models

I’m beginning to see the emergence of three distinct business models in private and independent UK dentistry:

  1. the traditional PRIVATE PRACTICE – where a dentist combines with other dentists and therapists/hygienists to provide general or specialised dentistry;

  2. the PRIVATE MINI-DENTAL HOSPITAL – where the principal has created a team of specialists and generalists and

  3. the PRIVATE POLY-CLINIC – where the prinicipal has created a team of specialists and experts in a variety of health-care and well-being services.

Needless to say, in the third model, the principal and founder is rarely engaging in clinical production or delivery – they are becoming true entreprenuers. They are few and far between – but beginning to emerge. Yesterday, I met with my second UK dentist ever who has an MBA. A few dentists are beginning to think and act like business owners.

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