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Demands and Disputes

Welcome to my email inbox:

  • A member of my team has approached me to say that she needs a pay rise or will have to look for work elsewhere;

  • A group of my self-employed clinicians have formed a "committee" and have written to me to complain about their current pay and conditions;

  • I need to hire a new team member but the person who made it through the interview process will only move if their starting salary is much higher than the rest of my team;

  • My manager has served notice, indicating that he has been headhunted and cannot turn down the increase in salary;

  • I've run the numbers following your financial analysis webinars and I'm losing money on all but one of my associates, plus my hygiene service is clearly a loss-leader.

Are there solutions to these challenges?

Yes, of course - but a win:lose or a lose:win is never the solution.

The skill is in negotiating a win:win.

That's where you need help.

Do you need help?

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