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De-tox and preparation

Sport. Runner.

1st September 2016.

59 days to the Dublin Marathon.

Time to de-tox and prepare.

As of today:

  1. no more alcohol (except for my quiet birthday party)

  2. back on to Paleo nutrition (CLICK HERE to learn more)

  3. building up the miles in my legs – early morning runs in the cold and dark

  4. making sure that I get quality sleep

  5. avoiding stress wherever possible

The fact is, were it not for the marathon, my slide into self-indulgence during the summer would continue unabated.

That’s why we repeatedly enter these challenges, not because we want the medal on the day but because we want the successful habit of the training.

Perhaps the same has to apply in business?

Unless we are chasing a big goal, we don’t have to keep ourselves in tip-top shape.

The days can morph into a continuum, another day at the office.

Now is a good time to think about goals between today and the end of the year – and also start thinking about your list for 2017 – the sooner the better, so that you can make the decision now to get into training.

Goodbye summer, you were great fun.

Hello Autumn and Winter – we have much to do so let’s get started.

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