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Day three in the house

Blimey I’m tired! Wednesday we began with a session on tolerations – asking each of the housemates to write their own list, listening to their comments and reflecting upon the commonalities – we are all tolerating much the same in the way of:

  1. Relationships that are not functioning and

  2. Things that are not functioning and

  3. Personal untidiness/procrastination

It’s somehow comforting to know we are all in the same boat. Session 2 was on personal and business mission statements. I first explained the difference between a mission statement and a plan, shared my own and described the process by which they are created. Then on to the main event of the day – time management. Having explained the process by which I plan my own calendar a year in advance, I then produced a Sasco 2007 wall-planner for each housemate and sent them off to “do the work” there and then. As each individual completed the process, the energy level in the room just got higher and higher. People looking at a shift from 1 to 4 weeks annual vacation – up to 8 to 12 weeks. Weekends extended from 2 days to 3 days. The addition of a complete business leadership/management day in each working week. And then the “fear” that the remaining days would be insufficient to generate sufficient revenues to pay the bills. There we left it – as Thursday will be focused on finances – we will discover how the bills will get paid. At 4.00pm I welcomed a guest speaker – Simon Hocken – dentist and coach, who entertained us with a snappy explanation of the differences between business and personal coaching. Clsoing the formal proceedings to give the housemates a rest, we all then congregated in Porthleven, a nearby Cornish fishing village where, after a pint in The Ship Inn we braved the gale-force winds and crashing seas to walk 100 yards to The Smoke House, our restaurant for the evening.

More excellent food and wine, lots of laughter, good conversation and a bus home at 11.00pm.

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