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Dawn in Belfast

I’m suffering from “man-flu” at the moment – and any male reading this will know that it is the worst of all illnesses. The sore throat, the heavy head, the general feeling of lethargy – no woman has ever understood or experienced this or the level of TLC that is necessary to help us face each day as it comes. I drove from Cornwall to Birmingham yesterday, after a brief meeting with Bonnie to check on the temperature of the business. It’s the first time I have ever flown out of Birmingham and I was impressed with the effeciency and levels of service and environment – so impressed that I will change my departure airport in future when I travel to Northern Ireland. It is good to be back here in Belfast – the customer service delivered by the locals (and the Polish who work here) is head and shoulders above average. The hotel have messed me about – firstly allocating a room with an electronic door key that doesn’t work (I’ve written before about how annoying that is when you have staggered up to your room and have to stagger back down again). Today, they have arbitrarily decided to move me – but an upgrade makes it more palatable – as well as Andrea, the housekeeper, who came with the news and we chatted for a good 30 minutes about her job and her family – another natural smiler who is an ambassador for her employer. I’m sat in the hotel bar/coffee lounge writing emails and completing this week’s ezine. I’ll wander out in a while – get some Belfast fesh air and some lunch before this evening’s gig – about 40 expected tonight. I couldn’t resist taking one picture in Birmingham airport – in the “World News” store – and an indication of how they define the phrase: “Men’s Lifestyle:

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