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Customer service systems

I took my Land Rover Discovery into a dealership in Leeds, Yorkshire a few months ago to have a headlamp light bulb replaced. Never been there before or since. Yesterday they left a message on my voice mail asking if the existing vehicle was OK and enquiring as to whether I would like to upgrade to the new Discovery 3 model. A pleasant phone call from “Graham” who introduced himself and wasn’t at all pushy – in fact, he didn’t even leave his number and just asked that I would find him if I were interested. They have a lead generation and lead conversion system and they are leaving no stone unturned in their search for business. If you think they sound desperate you will never be successful at sales yourself. I think it was excellent. Will I buy a new Disco from them? Most likely not as I’m about to change the Disco for my Pontiac GTO (nearly here) – but I’ll retain a soft spot for Land Rover and tell all my family, friends and colleagues about them. In fact, Graham doesn’t know it – but 4000 people will hear about him in the next week – and each of them knows another 200 people. Do the math. Are your systems as robust?

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