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Customer loyalty

After a hugely busy few weeks both personally and professionally, I decided to do what most girls do in times of need and book myself a trip to the hairdressers. I have been going to Mamouchi for about 5 years and don’t think I would ever go anywhere else. I have tried other salons (The ‘cheaper’ ones. I know, I know, lesson learned believe me…..) but always seem to end up back there. Why? Well, I always get a really great ‘hair-do’ no questions there. But there is something more I think. They make me feel just fabulous and I spend my whole visit smiling and laughing. The team are genuine, warm and funny. They remember to ask about my holiday (and always know the location), they ask about my work and show genuine interest. They remember that if I have an appointment on a Saturday morning I will ask for a cup of coffee, but if it’s a Saturday afternoon I will probably have a glass of white wine. They remember that I like to read Elle magazine, but hate Cosmo. They know that I will forget my loyalty card again and have a new one waiting. They will ask if my husband is enjoying his job and if he has seen any good cricket lately. They giggle about my love of handbags and always ask about my latest purchase or recommend me a shop. Whilst waiting I can use the salon iPad or have my nails painted. I often have a complimentary head and shoulder massage. It is just great. And I tell EVERYBODY. I don’t want cheap. I want fabulous. And I’m more than happy to pay for it. I love this place so much, that even when we move to Southampton, I will come back home to get my hair done at Mamouchi. So it got me thinking. Great customer service is not about having a written procedure in a dusty ‘practice manual’. Great customer service is not just a philosophy but a way of life. Your team should live and breathe great customer service. Every day. Ask yourself. Do you create client loyalty so exceptional that your patients would travel 200 miles to see you? Do you make your patients feel fabulous, every single time?’

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