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Customer feedback questionnaires

A client (dentist) handed me a completed feedback from from one of his patients yesterday. “Read this” he said. Blank form – but under the question: “What do you like least about the practice?”

I still fail to see the reason for the practice going private, other than greed. I will seek every opportunity to ensure that potential patients know exactly what sort of person Dr. X is. I really feel for the practice staff to work for such a man.

Occupation of patient? Teacher. Never do business with teachers and engineers. By the way – my client knows the people that this teacher works with. They tell him that he is a miserable old sod who regularly claims flamboyant expenses for trips to education conferences and then takes his wife shopping for the day. That, of course, is vile and malicious gossip – and I will have no part in it. An interesting fact, however, is that when the practice converted to private, this teacher signed on as a patient to avoid having to find an NHS practice – and has NEVER visited the practice and has NEVER met the dentist. The form was completed and returned in response to a mailing exercise. There’s nowt so queer as folk.

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