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Credit where it's due - an evening with Laura Horton

It's about 15 years since Laura Horton invited me out for a pizza and asked my opinion on whether she should start her own consultancy business. I like to think that I may have had some small influence in encouraging her to do just that.

Last night, she joined my weekly client webinar (owners and managers) for a contemporary overview of the TCO role in current practice.

Before the call, we asked our clients to complete a brief JotForm survey on how they applied their existing TCOs and Laura began by sharing the results of that survey and went on to share her 10-step process for the perfect TCO role and responsibilities.

One message that really struck home to me was the extent to which even existing TCOs are underutilised - there is clearly so much more potential to be released with proper training.

Laura then spent a good 35 minutes answering questions live and, I have to say, was on fire with helpful tips and enthusiasm. The feedback from clients attending was wonderful.

So, this morning, I just want to acknowledge her passion, her experience and the positive difference she continues to make in the dental landscape.

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