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Creating a menu

Although Friday is normally a free day, I’m investing a bonus business development day today, because there is one important task that I must complete before I can clear my mind. Over time, we have added more and more “features” to the way in which I deliver my business coaching – many of which have been innovated to allow me to leverage my time across increasing numbers of clients, without diluting the quality of our coaching or burning me out more frequently than normal (for a small-business owner). We have developed a weekly email reporting system, monthly laser-coaching calls, monthly telephone conference calls, the coaching gym, the workshops, the workbooks, the assessment forms, the ezine, this blog, the podcasts and a growing “knowledge bank” of answers to frequently asked questions. Problem 1 – the clients and prospective new clients can sometimes be overwhelmed with all this and Problem 2 – I now feel ready to offer varied selections of these services, at different price points, so that prospective clients can dip their toes in the water, rather than just make a commitment to a full year’s programme. So today is about creating a menu of the “features, benefits and outcomes” that we can deliver, at those various price points. My mission is to create a one page document that summarizes all this information, in a way that can be utilised as a web page, emailed as a Word document or handed out at “gigs”. I have the document in my mind and on various bits of paper – now to create the final version. Next week, I will then be working with Team CB to start the back-stage activity, ready for a re-launch no later than 1st April.

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