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Creating a dental success story in a North West seaside resort

Five years ago, Stuart and Amy Barnes purchased a two-surgery Dental Practice on the first floor above a Thomas Cook Travel Agents in Lytham St. Annes, near Blackpool. Through incredible hard work, dedication, often working seven days a week, the Practice has expanded to five chairs, fully private and is experiencing record numbers of new patients and turnover. In this podcast, Stuart and Amy share their story. It was so good, that this was one of the longest podcasts the Two Reds have recorded. It is simply full of gems. The best thing about this interview is you will rarely meet a more down to earth couple. You will learn;

  • When buying a Dental Practice, or setting up a squat, why it is important to look at the potential rather than the current situation

  • How being naive and making BOLD quick decisions can often win through

  • From leaflets drops to social media, why you need several different types of marketing and campaigns running at the same time

  • How belonging to Peer and Mastermind Groups is essential to succeed in business today

  • The power of a Brand Book and how implementing this one strategy can solve all your recruitment issues and attract the right type of employees to your Dental Practice

  • The benefits of having a brilliant Business Manager


Listen to the podcast via the player below or your favourite podcast streaming service.

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