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Covid-19 advice from Dubai Healthcare City Authority

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for your recent post regarding the COVID-19 situation. You make some excellent points and it's very generous of you to share your advice with such a broad audience (and not just your paying clients) on social media!

It's both fascinating and deeply concerning that governments and authorities around the world have taken (or not taken) such vastly different measures to tackle the outbreak.

You mentioned that there has been a lack of guidance in the UK from bodies such as the BDA and the GDC.

I'm happy to share the guidance issued at the end of last week by my regulators at Dubai Healthcare City Authority.

It seems pretty well thought through and I'll be more than happy to comply with their guidance.

Please find attached the relevant documents for your reference and I hope you find them helpful.

Note that DHCA regulates a wide-ranging group of organisations with the Dubai Healthcare City free zone. This ranges from large (250+ bed) hospitals to the local Starbucks coffee shop.

However, most of them are small to medium sized healthcare providers including many dental practices (like mine).

Note also that DHCA covers only a small part of Dubai (although they are broadly in-step with the wider Dubai Health Authority and the even wider Ministry of Health and Prevention).

Sorry, I didn't want to get bogged down in the details but I also wanted to be fairly clear where this advice is coming from.

Thanks again Chris!

Keep safe and well. Looking forward to hearing from you and Ashley on another podcast episode sometime soon. Cheers! Geoff

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