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Count your blessings

Barring emergencies (and who can bar emergencies nowadays?), this will be my last blog post of 2021.

So here's a exercise that you might benefit from over the days ahead.

I'm attaching a free PDF that you can print, grab a pen or pencil, put the kettle on and complete during a moment of peace and solitude.

I strongly recommend this in order to balance the events of the year and accentuate the positive.

Blessings copy
Download PDF • 40KB

May I be allowed to share my answers with you? It's not intended as a humblebrag - just a public declaration of why I'm so happy at this time.


  • My personal financial security and stability;

  • My thriving business - my clients and my team;

  • My growing family;

  • My health and talents;

  • My happy and stable home and personal life;

  • My reading and exercise.

People I'm thankful for

  • My wife and soulmate Annie;

  • My 5 children, Jon, Alex, Josh, Rachel & Ellie and their partners Paige, Portia, Sophia, Cal and George;

  • My two healthy a beautiful granddaughters, Livi and Adeline;

  • Team CB - Phillippa, Rachel and Sophia;

  • My coach - Rachel Turner;

  • My cycling buddy (and sister from another mother) - Sheila Scott;

  • My thoughtful critics - Tim Thackrah and Colin Campbell;

  • The Business Confidence Forum panelists, who give so much hope to so many.

Challenges and lessons

  • How best to help overwhelmed clients;

  • Creating my 2022 business plan in a changing landscape;

  • Working long hours, accepting the reality of this and planning downtime;

  • Learning (slowly) how to age gracefully.

Good things about 2021

  • My 2021 business targets were accomplished;

  • My 2022 coaching programme is sold out;

  • My JOGLE bike ride was a joy;

  • My holidays in Greece and Northumberland;

  • My granddaughter's safe arrivals;

  • Financial security;

  • My Mini-Roadster;

  • My wardrobe and my lovely personal shopper, Alison from John Lewis.

If we don't get chance to speak - can I wish you a Merry Christmas - and my earnest wish that you get a chance to reflect on the good things in your life, as well as getting some rest.

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