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Couldn't resist..

Sharing this photo of my 77-year old Mum, Norma Barrow.

Spent over 2 hours with her yesterday and she was chuffed to bits.

So sad that she was crying when I left — just because she is so lonely — waved me out the door so as not to be embarrassed by herself.

Just puts me in mind of “what matters most” as Covey would say.

I know that by global standards she has a privileged existence – a roof over her head, warmth, food and drink, freedom from disease and violence (provided she doesn’t open her door to the wrong people).

But even so, it made me think what a pile of bollocks everything else is – all the rushing around we are doing, trying to pay the bills, build a business, stay on brand – all bollocks.


It’s Monday – and there are bills to pay, businesses to build.

I’ve written about by my nightmare flight home in this week’s ezine – should be out to you in the next 48 hours.

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