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Cost cutting in NHS dentistry – and grumbling GP’s

Heard the one about the NHS corporate that have instructed their nurses to autoclave the teepees so that they can be reused?It’s amazing what we hear as we travel around the profession.

This week begins three solid weeks of Breathe Business Club meetings, Team Training Days, gigs and practice visits.

A cursory glance at the diary reveals 13 days of delivery and one board meeting in the 14 working days between now and Good Friday.


That’s a lot of hotels, travel, early morning email sessions and conversations.

Looking on the bright side – I have no doubt that the next 14 working days will replenish our market intelligence.

It’s noticable that, in the last few days, we have had more than one mention of disgruntled general medical practitioners looking at options for private practice.

That’s not just the Virgin Healthcare roadshows that are gathering pace – but also independent GP’s who have had enough of their own “new contract” for the provision of NHS services.

Branson’s people are, as usual, ahead of the game.

I was talking to Simon yesterday about a Breathe Business Group for GP’s – we don’t have the time to deliver that but we have the content – do you know of anyone that would like to build a coaching practice for GP’s?

I wonder how long it will be before that exodus begins?

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