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Confusion and complexity

Another Groundhog Day begins in The Barrow Bunker.

Yesterday's combination of clients calls, online briefings and emails concluded with a 90-minute webinar last night on "Leadership and Management during the Covid-19 crisis".

Attendance was over 100 people via Zoom and the session has been viewed over 2,000 times on Facebook Live so far. What I tried to do was give a complete overview to owners on how to show up as a great leader during lockdown and I share numerous ideas on how to engage with patients, team and community in the weeks ahead.

It's now a free resource and my thanks go out to Croydon Dental Seminars for setting that up very quickly - you can view the complete session by visiting either their Facebook Page or it's posted all over my Facebook channels.

Yesterday we heard from the CDO on "clarification" from NHS England as to changes to Primary Dental Care services. contracts and funding for 2019-20 and 2020-21 and the role of your NHS workforce during the crisis, developing regional Urgent Dental Care systems and the provision (should I say lack) of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

There was an instantaneous reaction from mixed practices, asking "what are we to do?" when there are team members who could be furloughed, conscripted to help in the NHS Covid-19 response or retained in practice during lockdown. Yesterday's perceived understanding of that decision tree was thrown backwards.

Early yesterday evening, the BDA updated their web site and published a list of questions they have sent back to the CDO - you can read the questions here:

Overall then, two steps back on Wednesday so let's see what today brings.

Issues "out there" right now:

  • How do the CDO guidelines operate in the real world?

  • I'm now undecided again as to what to do with my team

  • I've asked my bank to lend me money under the Government aid scheme and they tell me that I don't qualify because I have assets - but they will lend me money if I complete a million forms, go through lengthy financial underwriting and offer both bricks and mortar and a personal guarantee as security

  • My self-employed clinicians are still waiting for clarification on the proposed support scheme for the self-employed (and so am I)

  • Plan patients are asking to postpone or cancel and I need a rapid and clear response

  • I'm interested in talks of video consults during the lockdown

  • Where do I access PPE?

On payments to self-employed there is information here:

What am I doing today?

  1. Calling another 16 clients direct to introduce my drastically reduced fees for the next three months and the lockdown coaching I'll be providing for them and their teams;

  2. Hosting the Daily Briefing at 13:00 on Facebook Live to interview Dr. Simon Thackeray and see what sense we can make as well as answer your questions (you can join via The Extreme Academy Facebook Page);

  3. Hosting the 19:00 Thursday evening Business Confidence Forum on Zoom with my usual panel of experts and practitioners with special guests this evening Tony Kilcoyne to talk about "everything" and Zoe Close from Practice Plan to talk about lockdown plan memberships. You can join that be registering (if you haven't already at

I'm off to shower, dress and walk the dogs.

See you today somewhere online I hope - have a great day - stay safe and well, stay indoors and wash your hands!

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