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Competition stimulates demand

A client recently sent me this email: A new NHS practice has set up only 2 miles away from me. They have just started in January and are blanket leafleting the whole area. I’m not desperately concerned at present as I feel our customer service is excellent, but I just wondered if you had any advice from other practices who have had the same competition? Here’s my advice

  1. competition stimulates demand – more people will be thinking about dentistry

  2. you will lose 10% of your patients

  3. after a year they will start to drift back – so leave the door open

  4. the new practice will hoover up all the time wasters, tightwads and Which? magazine readers – goody, goody

  5. service is your competitive advantage

  6. time to turbo-charge your marketing systems – especially on-line and social media

  7. create a hand-out for every patient detailing ‘reasons to choose us’

  8. make sure you have loads of special offers and open evenings

  9. make sure the premises/team/attitude is spic and span

  10. make sure every patient takes away a referral offer

  11. hold regular meetings with the team to review patient numbers, drift and new patient sign ups


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