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Communication gets simpler and easier

A couple of services caught my eye in the latest issues of Wired magazine:

  1. I have downloaded a free trial of GoToMeeting and intend to use this quick and simple service to hold meetings on-line and also share documents in real time.Â

Its early days but the service looks very easy to use, compared to some of the more cumbersome webinar systems I have tried over the years. I’m especially interested in using the service to talk through spreadsheets with clients and practices on-line. By accessing the service, not only can we chat by typing or speak using VoIP but I can also recreate my desktop on the guests computer screens (up to 11 in a meeting) and open any of my own files to make alterations. I see this as extremely useful when monitoring productivity, analysing KPI’s and also when explaining the basis of practice valuations. A nice way of avoiding unnecessary travel in these days of high costs in energy and time. I’ll be trialing the system over the next month and will keep you posted.

  1. I wish I could tell you that I had started using Hulu but its only available in the USA – what a fantastic service – and surely the future of in-hone entertainment?Â

If you are interested, there’s a good article on the development of this service here.

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