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“Hi Chris Hope you are well know you check your emails in the morning so thought you might be able to help me out with this today.

I have a patient wanting 4 veneers which we have quoted her £3000 for, however she tells me her colleague recently went to a dental practice that signed her up to Denplan which covered the cost of 4 porcelain veneers (only for cosmetic reasons, no previous dental work) so the patient only ended up paying £1000.

My patients is now very sure that Denplan will cover cosmetic work, which I have told her they don’t (as far as i know). I’ve also told her to speak to Denplan directly and see what they will tell her but wanted to ask you if you have heard of any changes to Denplan regarding this, or if you think perhaps the dentist is just claiming it as restorative work instead of cosmetic.

I’m not interested in making trouble for any other dentists etc only want to know what to tell our my patients as there is no way i can see to compete with that price without making a bogus claim.

Look forward to hearing from you Thanks Ricky”

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