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Cloud-based treatment plans and how NOT to sell your business

On last night's weekly Extreme Business 100 webinar:

  • A demonstration from one of our clients of how to use a cloud-based slide deck to create a template for your treatment plan presentations.

The client then went on to share how he uses Loom video to "talk-through" the treatment plan with the patient.

  • A detailed conversation with a client about how and why she has spent over £11,000 in legal and accountancy fees in due diligence and then decided NOT to sell her practice after the offer was reduced at the last minute by the corporate buyer.

This latter conversation especially interesting as an insight into mistakes made, what she has learned and how she would do things differently next time around.

  • Comments from me on how I think the recruitment market is shaping up for practice and business managers and the opportunities that currently exist to find good people.

We meet every Tuesday at 19:00 for an hour and, this morning, will distribute a copy of the recording for those who may have been unable to join.

It's important to be part of a community of like-minded people - to share ideas and fears and work through solutions together.

This morning there are 99 businesses in The Extreme Business 100 - we have one place available for anyone who wants to start, scale or sell their business over the next few years.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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