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Channel 4 Dispatches – The Truth About Your Dentist

Can I suggest the following response to any patients who mention this evening’s programme. Perhaps a poster at reception tomorrow morning? Don’t leave your Front Desk team to deal with it themselves. “There are over 24,000 dentists working in the UK profession in over 10,000 practices. Last night’s programme featured less than 6 practices and less than 10 dentists who allegedly were “gaming the system.” If these allegations are true, we are as shocked and upset as you are. Programmes like Dispatches are there to expose the malpractice of all in the professions and business – bankers, politicians, business leaders, celebrities, healthcare professionals and others. They do so in order to sell programming and advertising – so the more outrageous the better – if you dig deep enough you will always find a story. Here at XYZ Dental we are very proud of our team, our standards of customer service and clinical care. We hope that watching the practices and individuals featured in the Dispatches programme will have demonstrated the investment that we make in your dental practice, the care that we extend to our patients and the difference that we provide. The truth about YOUR dentist is that we care.”

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