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Cfast marketing courses

Leeds, Belfast, London – watch out!

Here you can download the flyer for what has to be one of the best value workshops this Autumn. Simply click on the orange link above.

Suitable for owners, managers and any experienced or would be marketeers, I’ll be investing a full day looking at the very latest marketing techniques used by top UK and Irish practices, with a particular spin on generating leads for short-term ortho.

I’m also delighted to say that I’ll be joined each day by one of the leading dentists in this field, either Biju Krishnan (Lubiju – Edinburgh) or Mark Skimming (Dentistry on the Square – Glasgow), who will share practical examples of how they have incorporated Cfast into their marketing and product mix with huge success.

By the end of the day you will have sufficient information to build a complete practice marketing plan and be empowered and inspired to implement those plans straight away.

Why not get back to business with a bang after the summer break? At this price, you would be crazy to miss the opportunity.

Book the date now.

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