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"Can a One-Page Business Plan Really Work? Exploring the World's Simplest Business Plan"

  1. Make your patients happy;

  2. Make your team happy;

  3. Make your clinicians happy;

  4. Make your suppliers happy;

  5. Make your lenders happy;

  6. Make yourself happy - by choosing to work only with the right patients, team, clinicians, suppliers and lenders.

Simple innit? Love is a verb.

I spend a lot of my time dealing with the consequences when you don't observe Rule 6.

On a call yesterday with a professional advisor to one of my clients, I was asked "how are you?"

When I replied "totally happy thank you" the response was "I never believe people who tell me they are totally happy and wonder what they are B/S'ing about."

I volunteered a list of the reasons why I'm happy this week and he begrudgingly accepted that I might be right to feel that way.

Business (and life) can be that simple, if you open yourself up to Rule 6.

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