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Business development

I have very few actual “coaching” dates in my schedule for the rest of this month. Yes, the client’s weekly email reports will be answered promptly and we have a couple of telephone call-in days – but the rest of the month will be primarily dedicated to planning. Planning the next 3-months, our 2006 marketing campaign, my 2006 calendar/cash flow and our overall 3-year vision. Having written extensively about the distinction between the marketing funnel and the b/s funnel – does this mean that I am descending into the b/s funnel for August? Nope – the b/s funnel is where you are doing work that other people can do better – you are either too broke or too tight-fisted to pay and, in any event, you would rather stay at home than network. So I’m going to make a claim that my b/s funnel was closed and sealed many years ago. Maybe in thousands of years from now it will be broken open by archaeologists who will discover a treasure-trove of unfinished brochure designs, web site designs and undelivered programmes. Good luck to them. Let’s say I’m going into a business development funnel (b/d funnel?) for the next 3-weeks before I share my updated vision with Team CB. And maybe I’ll blog my way through that process as well, so that you can anticipate the rather frightening prospect of watching my mind at work.

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