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Building the GDP referral Study Club

I seem to be speaking regularly at Study Club events this Autumn season – last week for Dental Excellence in Belfast and Fresh Dental Care in Maidstone. Providing added value for your referring GDP’s is an essential component of your marketing strategy and must include:

  1. a separate and distinct sub-brand from your main practice identity

  2. a micro-site from your main web site

  3. private social media forums where you can share information and case reviews

  4. a well-constructed syllabus planned a year in advance

  5. parallel tracks for clinical speakers, business speakers and social/fun events

  6. VIP events for your Top 20 referrers

  7. regular informal dinners

  8. exchange practice visits – them to you and you to them – to make sure the teams get to know each other and agree protocols

I include below is a link to an evening I’ll be presenting for Premier Orthodontics in Bromley on 15th October, reviewing what’s “wired” (forgive the pun) in the world of marketing for new patients. As always with Study Club events, this is a low-cost way to gain access to the latest thinking in the world of dental business. If you run a referral practice – think carefully about how best you can improve your membership and, thus, the number of referring dentists. If you live or work in the Bromley area, come along and see me! CLICK HERE

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