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Building Better Team Relationships - a webinar with Chris Barrow & Sarah Buxton

Join us live on Monday 22nd May for this exclusive webinar – purchase one ticket and your whole team are welcome to attend the webinar.

"If you get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time."

-Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Whether you are a business coach or one of the UK’s leading employment law experts, the performance and behaviour of team members continues to occupy a sizeable proportion of every working day.​ The same goes for Business Owners and Managers, who report to us that the challenges of recruitment, retention and team well-being dominate their working life and can be the cause of much anxiety.

  • “We don’t know where to start when it comes to recruitment.”

  • “Not enough of the right people are replying to our adverts.”​

  • “I’m losing people to competitors, or they are leaving dentistry.”​

  • “I have team members who are knocking on the door for more pay rises and I don’t know how I’m going to cover the cost.”​

  • “I have team members who simply aren’t motivated to go the extra mile.”​

  • “I waste a lot of time sorting out internal disputes.”​

  • “I find myself doing things myself because I haven’t the time to delegate and supervise people who cannot get things done properly.”​

  • “I’ve got enough on my hands managing patients/managing the business without having to constantly keep watch on team members.” Sound familiar?​ In this environment only the well-prepared can survive – so Chris Barrow and Sarah Buxton would like to invite you to a 90-minute “special”, in which we will share with you some advice, top tips and tactics to build better relationships in your team.​ Chris & Sarah intend to share their best ideas with you and then invite tough questions and give straight answers live on the night. What you will get from this webinar:

  • Tactics – that will allow you to

    • Invest your energy in recruitment activity that will attract the right candidates;

    • Help you in selecting ideal team players at interview;

    • Learn how to manage the relationships with your team and between team members to avoid conflict and encourage cooperation;

    • Learn how to deal with team problems before they become toxic;

    • Change your leadership style and your team environment in a way that helps to create an environment in which your team will be motivated to take on more responsibility

    • Build a team that gets things done without constantly interrupting you.

  • Downloads – some handy exercises to assist in recruitment, retention, conflict resolution and leadership.

  • Answers – throw your biggest challenges at Chris & Sarah and they will give you practical answers that you can implement the next day.

  • Confidence – a renewed sense of self-confidence, an end to leadership imposter syndrome and an end to team anxieties.

Register for £120 inc. VAT per practice (unlimited team members can join the webinar) and you will also receive an exclusive recording of the event for further revision and/or team training.

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