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British orthodontics is in meltdown – it’s wonderful – for some

Wonderful because those who take this “tide in the affairs of men” will have to reinvent themselves as private practitioners.

Whatever your views on the history of NHS ortho – the gravy train is coming to an abrupt end.

The laggards will complain from a place of denial.

The late adopters will wait and see.

The early majority will expect to have to do something – in a while – when they see what the innovators are up to..

The innovators are planning now to create alternative marketing and patient journey systems.

It’s the biggest shake up in decades.

Are you an ortho innovator?

The ortho clients I’m working with right now (including this morning’s meeting) are innovators.

They don’t have the time to complain – they are too busy planning.

It’s the kind of work I love with the people I love to work with.

Email me if you need a coach who works with clients who know what to do.

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