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Branding thoughts

Here’s a great little resource for you if you are as interested in branding as I am. Click here to download and entertaining and informative PDF on “10 rules for branding in a post-branded world”. Jogging down Oxford Street yesterday morning at 6.00 am was an opportunity to see branding naked – no people cluttering up the pavements. It is staggering just how many media messages we are bombarded with nowadays – and I understand the point made in the download that if we are not genuinely interested in a product or service we can just “tune out” and get on with our daily tasks. So branding becomes ever more significant in positively differentiating yourself, not just from your perceived competition but also from the “noise” of the world. And on the subject of 21st Century dental business – ever wondered what a 60,000 square metre dental practice in a 11-story office block would look like? Visit the Malo Clinic to see the future.

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