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Branding and capital creation

Third of three workshops yesterday and another large room (90 people) in Farnham, Surrey. I was chatting about the power of branding in modern-day consumerism – and suddenly realised I am a walking brand advert:

  1. Armani t-shirt;

  2. Hugo Boss trousers;

  3. Paul Smith underwear;

  4. Prada shoes;

  5. Oakley watch.

I cannot remember where I bought my socks! And, of course, as far as The Dental Business School is concerned – I am the brand! Discussing this with a client, he remarked, “there is nobody who could present these workshops the way that you do – that’s the problem with selling charisma.” How true – The Dental Business School is built around my personal charisma – a gift in that I enjoy my work and get results for my clients but a curse in that I have to “do” all the coaching. Consequently (as I have said here before), my business can never have a significant capital value – just as a dental practice is rarely worth much as an asset. My clients and I both create cash cows but do not create capital. So later (in the bar) we were discussing how you build capital if you are the brand? The answer (think of a solo recording artist) is to create consumables and enjoy sales and/or royalties. Watch this space.

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