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Bouncing back higher

More English dentists will return to work today. Some start their second week, others continue to prepare. Feedback last week from those who returned was relief at going back to some form of work, combined with exhaustion whilst learning and delivering the new patient journey.

In the rest of the UK, there is increasing frustration.

On Friday the BBC reported, quoting the Chief Medical Officer of Wales suggesting that routine dentistry may return in January 2021.

Surely that spells disaster for any Welsh practices dependent on dental plan payments for their financial stability. The loyalty and patience of patients has been wonderful so far but I doubt that many will want to see their direct debit leaving the account for the next 6 months with no maintenance of treatment.

There has never been a more important moment for dentists in all four nations to make sure that they are supporting the BDA, the BAPD and writing to their MPs.

We have to join together as a united "one nation" profession and lobby for all of our colleagues to be given the chance to serve their patients and, in some cases, rescue their businesses.

In the meantime, I'm gearing up to commence my "return to work" coaching service from 1st July (with transitional plans for those still stuck at home).

My June newsletter spelled out the details and we issued that and launched our updated website on Saturday.

A link to the newsletter is here:

We now have over 120 practices who are committed to take this journey with me from July until the end of the year and are planning our support for every aspect of the business of dentistry.

Recognising our unique circumstances, the fee stays low and I'm not asking for any contractual obligation - it's a "pay as you go" coaching community.

As our clients' Buying Group took delivery of the first consignments of their PPE last week, we are researching how the group can gain a commercial advantage with other providers of products, software and services. Given that we already have combined sales in excess of £125 million there is interest from the supply-side in helping us.

With strength in numbers and with innovation in financial modelling, marketing and the virtual patient journey, we can and will bounce back higher.

We are moving fast and looking for new members to join us.

You can find out more here:

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