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Be grateful for win:win

When you are taking part in a win:lose game, there is a thin line between victory and defeat:

  • in cycling, a beautifully executed lead out can deliver an explosive sprinter to the line with less than half a wheel diameter advantage;

  • in tennis, a point in a tie-breaker can settle a set;

  • in football - well - this morning we all know what one missed penalty can mean.

The margins between immortality and infamy are infinitesimal.

Win:lose is an exhausting and cruel world.

It can also bring out the worst in people, when patriotism turns to xenophobia, when adoration turns to racism.

Just be thankful this morning that the game you play is a win:win.

When a patient agrees to proceed with treatment, when a difficult procedure is executed to perfection, when a promising new team member arrives - everyone wins.

Win:win is a kinder world.

It brings out the best in people, when success generates gratitude, when random acts of kindness restore one's faith in human nature.

It's back to our win:win work today - let's all make a positive difference please.

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