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Back to work

My first day back yesterday and full of Zoom calls which, as ever, allow me to get my finger back on the pulse of the business of dentistry.

After an early morning check in with my own business coach (setting my goals for the next few weeks) and then:

  • A second interview in my "Conversations with Chris" podcast series (reactivated after a break) with Jane Lelean on the ability to think (yes - just think) in a world of commotion and noise;

  • Two calls with potential new clients - both Principals who have been recommended to me by existing clients at a recent conference - there is nothing quite as wonderful as a word of mouth referral (thank you Hooria, Angela, Manrina and Gina);

  • A catch up with an old friend who has had a dreadful experience as an associate, working through an earn-out with a dental corporate - a salutary lesson in how things can sometimes go very wrong if you don't prepare carefully for earn-out life;

  • An overseas dental technician, struggling to make an entrance into the UK market and asking me how he can break through the barriers to entry in the UK landscape.

Then, last night, the latest in the Align Digital Excellence series, hosting excellent presentations by Drs Elaine Halley and Giuseppe Marano.

Starts at 08:30, finishes at 20:15 - back to the reality of business life.

Today I'm off to Manchester city centre for the first of my two days of this quarter's client workshops - Sarah Buxton's HR Masterclass today and my "How to prepare your business for sale" Masterclass tomorrow - then I'll be driving down to the NEC on Friday evening for a Saturday at The Dentistry Show.

Bring it on.

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