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Back on the workshop trail

Monday was cool – writing my ezine first thing (with a change of style after feedback) and then completing two further writing projects:

  1. Copy for some specialist ortho events we are planning in the Spring and

  2. Copy for webinars I will be presenting in December and February

I rather enjoy writing to deadlines. After my writing was completed I took a lunch break and wandered around Sainsburys for a while – then back for a telephone mini-management meeting that took 2 hours of detailed conversation on “what’s going on”. Late afternoon in to Manchester (an hour to drive 8 miles in ruch hour traffic – I had forgotten what that was like) for dinner with Dr. Uchenna Okoye, former client from London, who is up here to visit a fellow graduate and friend who currently attends my workshops – and to attend today. We visited a city-centre Italian restaurant and enjoyed a good laugh, sharing each other’s business successes and disasters. It’s great when you are reminded that we are all in the same boat. Uchenna features in this month’s copy of Vogue (as cosmetic dentist of choice) and is building a great business down in the metropolis. She is a good unconditional pal as well. From there to the home of her friend and my client Rakhshi Qureshi and then a long drive home in freezing fog. It’s was a good day. In 10 minutes I’ll be driving a couple of miles to the Manchester airport Hilton for our marketing workshop – then a mad dash down to catch a flight from Birmingham to Belfast this evening. Why Birmingham? To cut my return journey (Birmingham to Watford) in half, later in the week. Three workshops in three days – here goes!

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