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Back in Manchester

…but for only a few hours. A 7-hour drive yesterday was a killer – lots of holiday traffic as the half-term school holiday comes to an end – plus numerous road works and rotten weather made for a pretty exhausting journey. Thank goodness the clocks went back last night – the extra hour in bed is welcome. It’s 8.30am Sunday morning and I am all scrubbed-up, packed and ready to go. Because I left my travel arrangements rather late, I’m flying (for the first time) with Zoom Airlines – and I have no idea what the quality of the trip is going to be like. With some trepidation, I’ll be off to the airport in a few minutes and, no doubt, will have some customer service stories for you in due course. Next stop, The Toronto Hilton (on brand as always) and a couple of days of self-indulgence – a mini-retreat, attended by me, organised by me, designed by me. It will be a chance to get more good sleep after the trials of touring, a chance to embark upon my latest attempt at giving up smoking (third this year) and some quality space to think about my personal and professional life. For now – it’s a sunny morning in Manchester.

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