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Baby Boomers, Technology and getting attention

Technically, the term “baby boomers” is used to describe those of us born between 1947 and 1957 (there’s me – right in the middle at 1953).

As has often been said, we are the most affluent members of western society and some pundits have speculated that we have around 45% of all the net disposable income and capital.

Now that our children have grown up, the school fees are paid, the mortgages are ending and the debt has reduced, we are enjoying a unprecedented lifestyle.

We want to look good, feel good and fill our lives with experiences.

We have the time and money to do it.

Simply show up Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1 this morning (as I did at 06:15) and you’ll see more boomers pulling golf bags than imaginable a generation ago.

We, of course, also have more complex dental requirements and that is very good for your business – if, that is, you are aiming at my demographic.

So how do you get our attention?

Although this graphic is based on the USA 50+ population, I strongly suspect that it is representative of what is happening, not just in Western society but around the world as we become a connected global village.

That’s why I keep rabbiting on about how effective internal social media marketing is for this age group.

We are all over our devices, the web and social media.

That’s where you can get our attention.

But please – no more BDS (boring dental stuff):

  1. pictures of your equipment

  2. pictures of you in scrubs

  3. extra-oral shots of before and after teeth and gums (yawn)

  4. repurposed dental education (I know how to floss)

Please – show me (photo and video) real people (people like me) and have them tell me how you and your team have changed their lives for the better.

I hang out with people like me and if people like me tell me that they like you, you will have my undivided attention in a world starved of excellence.

People like us are on our devices right now – do you have our attention?

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