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Avoiding burnout

Burnout is still with us, even coming up to three years after Covid.

Of course, it was always there beforehand.

In fact, life as a business-owner isn't about avoiding burnout at all costs - more about moderating the effects and learning to live with a degree of perpetual overwhelm.

As I mentioned to a client yesterday afternoon, we enjoy "odd moments of calm" in the whirlwind of life.

For me January has started at a million miles an hour. Same is happening for my clients.

We are all putting a brave face on - for team and patients - but it's hurting a bit.

Last week I updated my standard PDF on avoiding burnout to reflect a few additional good habits I've adopted in the last year.

It is here for you to download and, perhaps, share with family, friends and colleagues.

When I visit practices I quite often see my PDFs pinned on a wall in an office or staff room.

It would be nice if you did the same with this one - enjoy and share.

Download PDF • 8.12MB

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

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