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At work in Luxembourg

It has been a real education to see Restaurant Lea Linster in operation both Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime, with over 45 covers at each sitting.

The team here are true professionals and the synchronicity with which each course is prepared and served is exhilarating to watch.

As one of the most famous restaurants in the region, standards at all times have to be very high, whether it is the food, wine, service or environment. The clients are investing in a 5-star experience and nothing is left to chance.

To see the kitchen and restaurant team working together to simultaneously serve 30 people the same course has been a real privilege. A dance in which every step choreographed to perfection.

The metaphors for other businesses, our own, our clients, are obvious – about getting it right and sending the clients away as ambassadors.

Part of my brief here is to help develop 21st Century marketing and CRM systems but, even based on simple Word of Mouth, the business thrives as people from 3 countries travel to experience the unique atmosphere.

I am watching everything that happens here very closely and thinking constantly about how transferable all the ideas and systems are into our business and yours.

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