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Ask yourself: How much should I invest in advertising and marketing?

The answer is 5% of gross sales.

A quick distinction.

Advertising is product placement:

we do whitening we do veneers we do same day crowns we do short-term ortho we do implants we do sedation

We live in a world of advertising.

I dare you to spend just one day counting up the number of adverts you see as you travel through your day.

The number will be in the hundreds – and you will forget almost all of it – because it doesn’t EVOKE an emotional response in you.

And, by the way, the old ideas on advertising, especially on the internet, are now largely extinct.

We are entering a new world of social engagement and influence.

A new world of marketing.

Marketing is story-telling:

we helped Julie to enjoy her holiday because we whitened her teeth we helped Sam to get through his interview because we improved his smile with veneers we helped Laura to save time in her busy travel schedule with same day crowns we helped John to find a new girlfriend with short-term ortho we helped Sheila to enjoy her 25th wedding anniversary cruise with dental implants we helped Frank to over come his fear and attend his daughter’s wedding with sedation

Real people – real stories.

This is where marketing happens and we remember the stories because they EVOKE an emotional response in us.

Forgive me – but charities don’t show pictures of lorries laden with stores – they show pictures of starving kids.

So the next questions for you to ask are:

How do I allocate my 5% between advertising and marketing? How do I allocate my 5% between direct? internet? word of mouth? What exactly should my team be doing on a day to day basis? How do we EVOKE? How should we measure our ROMI (return on marketing investment) to ensure the best bang for our buck? What exactly should we be spending our money on? How can you help me with this and what will it cost?

Ask us.

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