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Are you ready to attend church tomorrow?

Monday morning at Manchester Airport’s Terminal 3, along with a host of laptop, tablet and smartphone users, all re-connecting.

Tomorrow, Apple’s new iPhone X will make us all out of date and out of fashion..

The race will be on to upgrade to the new device and show our tribe(s) that we are faithful.

No doubt supplies will be limited, queues will form, the early winners will be the chosen ones and the rest of us will keep our dark thoughts to ourselves.

Name another organisation or business that has so many of us so well trained – to salivate at the ringing of Tim Cook and Jony Ive’s bell.

I’m actually more interested to see Apple’s new HQ – but I will not be able to stop “ooh”ing and “aaah”ing as new devices, applications and functions are unveiled.

It’s a religion.

That’s why Apple have cash reserves of $250bn (May 2017) – more than the British Government and the Bank of England combined.

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