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Are you or your team at breaking point?

I spent all of Monday catching up on emails since Friday - here's what I read:

  • media-hyped fears around Omicron;

  • uncertainty around SOPs - half have stayed put and half have followed last week’s new guidelines - everybody states that they know what to do;

  • team members isolating because their kids have Covid;

  • team members frustrated because they have no time (or energy) for school plays, gift purchases or food shopping;

  • much anxiety about compulsory vaccination causing in-house disputes between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers and convincing long-service team members to leave the profession;

  • hygienists/therapists struggling because they can’t cope with relaxed guidelines and shorter appointment times;

  • associates asking for more money;

  • patients getting frustrated at having to wait, distance, wear masks, not wear masks - and having their appointments cancelled because there are not enough team/clinicians to deliver;

  • Christmas parties cancelled and delayed - or taking place!

  • Uncertainties over future NHS targets and inability to deliver due to missing team members.

A HUGE increase in stress levels over the last week.

Which means more owners selling up - two more yesterday told me they have had enough and are ringing the valuers. By the way - the acquisitions conveyor belt seems to be freezing up with a glut of work and not enough lawyers, accountants and bankers to get the deal flow through - numerous complaints about lengthy and exhaustive due diligence and then admin delays as completion approaches. Not a happy landscape - very few not complaining.

Please can I ask you a favour?

Will you keep a very careful eye on your team members over the next fortnight - those who may not be as resilient as others need our attention.

Remember - your role right now is to be the beacon of light.

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