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Are you "match fit" for 2022?

My coach asked me a question on 23rd September that stopped me in my tracks:

"Are you match fit for 2022?"

A simple enough question one would think.

In my marathon running days, I had a 26-week training regime that had me fitter as the weeks went by, with the intention of peaking at just the right time.

Now that I'm a keen amateur cyclist, when I embark upon those epic journeys across Britain, there's another 6-month routine of increased distances and careful nutrition and sleep.

In June 2022, I'm planning (with friends) to climb Mont Blanc - my physical and mental capacities will be tested to the limits and my training will begin in earnest in the New Year.

So how's about the next working year - when I'm taking on The Extreme Business 100, arguably the biggest challenge of my professional career?

Am I match fit?

The equally simple answer was a resounding "No" - I wasn't taking enough notice of what my mind and body (and my friends - "Are you OK? You look tired.") were telling me - eating and drinking a little too much, working a little too hard, not taking enough rest.

That coaching conversation was an epiphany, that my last 90 days of 2021 weren't as much about:

WHAT I HAVE TO DO they were about

WHO I NEED TO BE be able to be the best coach I can for my own clients.

Since, I've been working on a new regime of abstinence and balance, starting with an October detox and continuing with careful consideration of the things I do that damage me and those that nourish me.

I've decided that becoming "match fit" is a central theme for me - with 81 days to go until the end of the year - a philosophy I'm sharing with my clients.

Two questions to share with you this morning:

  1. What does "match fit" look like for you?

  2. How do you intend to get yourself "match fit" between now and the year end?

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